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Priscilla the Great Book 1

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If you think your middle school years are awkward and traumatic, try going through them with fire shooting out of your fingers!

Hey, I’m Priscilla and all I want is to be a normal seventh grader. That’s hard enough with an older brother annoyingly obsessed with Christina Aguilera, mischievous baby twin brothers who could scare the sin off of Satan, and parents more puzzling than a Rubik’s cube in the Bermuda triangle.

But when psycho, genetically enhanced assassins start trying to kill me and my family, being normal is downright impossible.

Priscilla the Great
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The Kiss of Life

Chapter One - It’s Bananas


Prologue: Letters

Dear Priss,

It's me Kyle. How are you? I am okay. I would be much better if you were still here in River's Bend. I really miss you. I really really really miss you a lot. I know there was some big important reason why you and your family had to move away. Even though I don't know what it is, I know it has to be big. I know you wouldn't leave me if it wasn't. I'm just glad you still agreed to be my girlfriend even though we can't see each other or talk to each other every day.

The letter writing thing is cool. I can live with it. It feels like we're in some old movie from an ancient time like before they invented computers and internet and cell phones. You know, like the 80's.

Anyway, things in River's Bend are just about the same. That creepy math teacher Mr. Witherall is gone though. Don't really know what happened to him. We got a new teacher now Mrs. Abernathy. But she's so mean we all call her Mrs. Uber-Nasty. Apparently, she doesn't realize that math class is supposed to be my time for catching up on games of Tetris on my iPhone. She actually called on me in class for like three days in a row. And when she handed back a test that I had failed, she actually stapled a Burger King application to the front of it. Yeah, right. Like I would ever work there. Chick-Fila maybe. Burger King never. Their french fries suck. Who needs math anyway? I'm gonna be a famous actor one day. The only math I'm gonna need is addition to count up my millions.

After the embarrassing test thing, I decided to sit behind Susie Chambers just like you used to. Now she doesn't even know I'm there because she can't see me behind Susie's big head.

Tai's doing okay. I know she misses you too, especially since the eighth graders are so mean to her. Yesterday, Jimmy Vee took her favorite calculator, froze it in a block of ice and then set it on her desk this morning. Eighth graders suck! Next year when I'm an eighth grader I'm not gonna be like them. I'm gonna treat the seventh graders with a little respect. Anyway, Spencer and I took care of him. We filled his bicycle seat with ketchup. When he sat on it he flipped out. He thought he was hemorrhaging or something. It was priceless.

Tai thinks the real reason they don't like her is because she's black. I think it's because she's smart and the rest of them are morons. Anyway, I know she's your best friend so I'll keep looking out for her.

I can't wait to see you next weekend. I'm sorry it can't be this weekend, but you know I'm in the school play. I wish you could come, but I understand if you can't. Well, I guess I understand. Anyway, I thought for our date, we could see a movie, and then go for a walk around your town. Where is your town again? For some reason, I can never remember. I always have to give the letters I write to you to Tai and she mails them for me.

Anyway, write back soon, okay.

P.S.I can't wait to kiss you again


Dear Kyle,

It's me Priss. I'm fine and I miss you too. I really wish my family didn't have to move away from River's Bend, but it was just too dangerous to stay. You see, Mr. Witherall wasn't really a Mister, he was a doctor, a geneticist to be exact. And he worked at a place called the Selliwood Institute where my mother was born. They performed all kinds of genetic experiments on her and turned her into a super weapon.

When she was 17, my father went to work there as a guard. They fell in love and my dad helped her escape. They moved to River's Bend and lived in hiding while starting a family. Neither of them knew that I would inherit a lot of my mother's DNA and start some genetic mutations of my own. Josh has powers too. We don't know about the twins yet, they're still too young.

Well, long story short, Dr. Witherall and Colonel Selliwood found out about me and tracked me down to River's Bend. Mr. Witherall just posed as our teacher in order to keep an eye on me and study my powers. Then they attacked and kidnapped my entire family, Mom, Dad, Josh, the twins, and even Tai. The only reason they didn't get me as well was because I was at the town square gazebo with you when it happened.

So then, I went and broke into the Institute. I was able to save my family and the other children they kept there for their genetic experiments. Even though I blew up the institute, Dr. Witherall and Colonel Selliwood both escaped. Since they knew where we lived in River's Bend, we had to move to Missouri for our own safety. They probably still want to kill us.

Sorry, I couldn't tell you. But if you knew the truth you would be in danger as well. I mean, Dr. Witherall and Colonel Selliwood are still out there. I overheard a conversation between the two of them in which they promised revenge, especially against the President of the United States. He also said that he figured out a way to control his Specimens once and for all claiming that their biggest fault was that they thought too much. That means he's probably coming after us. I'd hate for you to get caught up in it too. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to you because of me.


I stopped writing and scratched out the entire letter. Yeah, right. I wished I could send this letter to Kyle. I wished I could tell him the truth. But I couldn't. I didn't want to put him in danger. I also didn't want him to think I was some sort of freak.

I crumbled up the piece of paper, tossed it in the air, and then destroyed it with a blast of fire from my index finger. He could never know.


Chapter 1: It’s Bananas

I spent three hours trying to write the perfect letter to Kyle. I even considered going to the grocery store and seeing if Hallmark had created anything for letting your boyfriend know you were a genetically mutated freak that might accidently fry him to a crisp the next time you kissed him. Probably not.

I would've preferred to just see him in person. I wished I could go to his play. In just three short hours, he was going to be the cutest Romeo ever. But, no, my parents wouldn't let me. They thought it was too dangerous for me to go back to River's Bend given the whole Selliwood situation.

I finally gave up trying to communicate my feelings to Kyle and decided to get a snack. I was totally bummed on my way to the kitchen. My life sucked. I had no friends out here in the middle of nowhere Missouri, I rarely got to see Kyle and Tai, and I wasn't even allowed to go to school. Not that I especially liked school, but anything would've been better than being stuck in the house all day with a bunch of stinky brothers.

Speaking of stinky brothers, where were mine? The silence in the house gave me the feeling the twins were up to something. Not that I have telepathy or anything so I didn't know for sure. Josh was getting so good with his psychic powers that he could even sense danger sometimes. But no, it wasn't any special powers that let me know that the twins were up to something. I mean, come on, they were the twins. They were always doing something sneaky and most likely disgusting.

I finally spotted them dashing out of the kitchen."What are you doing?" I yelled after them. Ryan and Peter were right behind. All four of them were laughing hysterically. Ryan and Peter were a set of eight-year-old twins that I had rescued from the Institute. For some reason, they enjoyed hanging out with my five-year old twin brothers. It was probably because they didn't have much of a childhood in the Institute so my brothers were showing them what it was like to be a kid.

"Nothing," Charlie and Chester said in unison, giving their best puppy dog expression.

This was bad.

"We ain't do nothin, Miss Priss," Ryan said taking off his cowboy hat.

"Yes, we have not done anything," Peter added.

I couldn't quite pinpoint Peter's accent. I'm thinking it was Norwegian or Icelandic or something. Even though Peter and Ryan were twins, Selliwood had programmed them with completely different accents for some reason. It was pretty funny to see the looks of confusion from strangers when they realized one twin sounded like John Wayne and the other sounded like Leif Ericsson.

I crossed my arms and stared at them trying my best to look intimidating.

"Sorry, Miss Priss, we was just seein' what would happen if -"

Charlie jabbed an elbow in Ryan's stomach. "Shut-up. She's bluffing. She can't do anything to us."

Ryan quickly zipped his lips. This was gonna take a little more than my scary stare in order to get them to talk. I held up my hand and lit a flame. "Talk or somebody's getting burned."

Charlie and Chester screamed and started running around in circles. Ryan and Peter started levitating. Did I mention they could fly?

"Mom, Priss is trying to kill us!" Chester yelled.

"Priss, don't kill your brothers," my mother called from her bedroom. "And don't use your powers in the house either."

"Fine," I said, shutting off the flame. "But I'm watching you."

Charlie and Chester gave their evil grins then ran to their room with Ryan and Peter following close behind.

I entered the kitchen slowly. I knew they had done something in there so I wanted to be ready in case I slipped on some strategically placed slime or something. Once I was convinced it was safe, I grabbed a glass out of the cabinet and set it on the counter. Still looking around the kitchen, I opened the freezer and that's when it happened. I heard a series of ropes being pulled. I looked up just in time to see a huge bowl of banana pudding drop onto my face.

I screamed as the thick banana scented glob slid down my body. I started to run out of the kitchen in search of those blond bombers, but instead I slipped on some of the pudding that had spilled on the floor and landed on my butt with a thud.

Ugh! I was so stupid. I should have been looking up instead of down. I thought Charlie and Chester would be too little to do something above my head. I forgot they had the help of flying eight-year-olds.

My giant of a father burst in through the back door with a rifle in his hand. "What's going on? Are you okay, Priscilla?" Dad was always a bit protective of me. My scream probably scared him to death thinking I was in danger or something.

I glared at him. "Do I look okay?"

Realizing that I wasn't in any real danger, Dad put the safety on the rifle then said, "Is that my banana pudding? I just made that this morning."

"Is that all you're concerned about? Look at me. I'm gonna smell like a monkey for a week!"

"Don't be ridiculous, Priscilla. Monkeys don't smell like bananas. They smell like...monkeys." Then my father started laughing. He was laughing at me! I heard more snickering from behind. I turned and saw Charlie and Chester in the doorway doubled over and nearly crying with laughter. Ryan and Peter were enjoying themselves as well as they flew to the ceiling and started dismantling the elaborate rig that had been very well camouflaged.

"I'm gonna kill you!" I said, lunging for my baby brothers and dragging them into the mess like we were in some sort of professional pudding wrestling league.

"Okay guys, break it up." My dad grabbed me by the arms and pulled me off of them, just as mom and Josh entered the kitchen.

"Alright, what's going on in here?" my mother asked.

Josh shook his head and said, "It looks like another unprovoked attack from the twins. Mom, they have to be stopped."

"We was just playin around," Charlie said, forcing his lip to tremble.

"Yeah, we didn't mean anything by it," Chester added.

"They're lying. They're little monsters and they do this stuff on purpose just to drive us crazy!" I said, wiping pudding out of my eyes. Ugh, who knew banana pudding could sting so much.

"I have to agree with Priss on this," Josh said. "They're out of control. Yesterday they filled all my shoes with grape jelly."

"We just wanted to make toe jam!" The twins said in unison.

Peter and Ryan burst out laughing as if that was the funniest thing they'd ever heard. I rolled my eyes.

"Priss is right," Josh continued. "They're driving us crazy we can't take it anymore. We need a break from them."

"What kind of break?" my dad asked still holding on to me so I wouldn't attack the Devil Twins.

"Why don't you let us go home for the weekend? To River's Bend," Josh suggested.

I shot him a look. When had he come up with this plan? Not that I was complaining or anything. I'd love to go to River's Bend for the weekend. That way I could see Kyle's play. And see Kyle, of course. I started to get excited. I hadn't seen him in two months!

Follow my lead, Josh said to me telepathically.

"Please, please, please," I said. "Just for the weekend. We'll be so careful. And if anything goes wrong or seems suspicious we'll be back in a flash." I lit a quick flame for emphasis. The room instantly smelled like burnt bananas.

"I don't know if that's such a good idea, kids," my mother said. She closed her eyes and massaged her forehead as if she was getting a headache. "I haven't been feeling well. I was kind of hoping to take it easy this weekend and let you and Priss take care of the twins," she said to Josh.

"Are you all right, Babe?" My dad let me go and went to examine his wife. He felt her forehead then stared into her eyes. "You should rest, Quinn. Why don't we let Josh and Priss go to River's Bend and I'll keep the twins out of your hair for the weekend."

Whoa, wait, what? Did my dad just agree to let us go? The same dad who forced all of us to move a farm in the middle of nowhere in the first place? The same dad who wouldn't let us have cell phones or e-mail addresses? The same dad who was so overprotective he timed us when we went into public bathrooms because he was afraid we'd get kidnapped? This was way too easy. Something was up. I stared at Josh.

"Thanks, Dad. We're gonna go pack," Josh said, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the kitchen before I had a chance to say anything.

"What was that all about?" I asked Josh once we reached his room. "That was not normal. Did you do something to Dad?"

"I kinda used my powers on him."

"Oooh, Josh! You're gonna get in so much trouble." Mom had strict rules about using our powers on each other, especially Josh's power of hypnotic suggestion. It wasn't fair that Josh was technically able to get anyone to do anything he wanted at anytime. He was only supposed to use it for emergencies.

"I know what you're thinking and this is an emergency. We have to get to River's Bend immediately. It's a matter of life and death."

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Too Little Too Late

Chapter One - Marco’s Metal Embrace


Marco's left fist connected with my right eye. I saw stars. Literally, I saw stars. And it wasn't the kind of stars I saw a couple of hours ago the last time Marco touched me. That time he had his lips against mine and I saw the kind of stars that make you ridiculously happy and make all your girlfriends crazy jealous. The kind of stars that say, "that's right, I'm frenching a hot French boy." Nope, definitely not those kind of stars. These were the "oh snap I'm gonna get killed by a human robot" kind of stars.

I did a back flip out of the way trying to buy some time before I would actually have to fight him back. I didn't want to hurt him. I knew he wouldn't try to kill me on purpose. This was all because of Colonel Selliwood. The real Marco cared about me and would do anything for me. He told me that himself. I didn't want to do any permanent damage to him. But if he kept bashing my face in I'd have no choice.

I stole a glance at Tai pounding away at the computer trying to figure out how to undo whatever had been done to Marco.

"How's it going over there, Tai?" I asked, faking calmness as I dodged a roundhouse kick from the super powered metal maniac who used to be my super powered crush.

"I'm doing the best I can," she said in a shaky voice. I sure hoped she didn't start crying. That was so not what we needed right now. I knew Tai could handle this. She had to. I mean, what's the point of having a genius best friend if she can't hack into a few computers and undo a little mind control programming from evil villains?

"I don't know how long I can hold him off, Tai. He's -" I didn't get to finish my thought as Marco landed a right hook to the side of my face. My mouth filled with the metalic taste of blood. This is not usually how I tasted metal when I was around Marco.

I spit a mouthful of blood on the floor. Yes, I spit. I know that's gross but swallowing a mouthful of blood is grosser (is that a word?).

Oh, I was so tired of bleeding. I mean I've been kicked, punched, stabbed, and shot. And that's just tonight! That's it. He was going down. I didn't care how cute or how good of a kisser he was. I reared back and landed a punch to his gut. I cried out in pain. Tears instantly welled up in my eyes. "Holy hot chocolate! That hurt!" Marco in metal form was indestructible. I think I just broke my hand on his stomach.

I looked into his cold blank eyes. He gave no reaction to my pain. If I was fighting Xi she would at least laugh at me. This was like fighting an emotionless robot. It was kind of scary.

"You okay, Priss?" Tai called over to me.

I threw a blast of fire with my fingers into Robot Marco's face to give myself a second to get away. Now it was his turn to scream in pain. Huh? So even in metal form he could still feel pain. I'd have to use that.

"I'm fine," I yelled to Tai after I hid behind a lab table. Well, that was a lie. I totally was not fine. I stared at the bent and bloody fingers of my left hand. So much for that manicure.

Marco’s metal feet clanged against the tiles of the huge laboratory we were in. Whatever Colonel Selliwood had done to him it obviously affected his common sense. He should've found me ten seconds ago since there wasn’t much to hide behind in here. There was a glass pentagon shaped cubicle in the center of the room where Tai worked on the computer. He should have been able to look straight through it and see me but instead he was still turning around in circles with a determinedly blank yet slightly confused expression on his face. His confusion might be my only hope. Fighting him hand to hand would be plain stupid, unless I was ready to break every bone in my body.

Leaping out from my hiding place, I jumped on a table and started blasting him with my fire power. His screams of pain brought tears to my eyes. I didn't want to hurt him but I had no choice. He marched blindly toward the source of the fire so I flipped out of the way and started blasting him from another angle. He fell to one knee still crying out in agony. I thought I had him beat so I stopped shooting. A second later, however, he disappeared. He used his super speed to get away. Now it was my turn to spin around in confused circles. Where did he go? Well, that question was painfully answered as soon as I felt his metal fingers around my neck.

I gasped as I tried to scratch, hit, and kick my way free. Nothing worked. He was squeezing the life out of me. I started blasting his face with fire, but I had so little oxygen in my lungs the stream was weak and started to fade.

I saw spots. The room dimmed to black. My life started flashing before me. Don't laugh, it did.

I saw myself at six years old pouring milk in Kyle's hair because a commercial said "It does a body good" and I thought his body could use some good.

I saw myself in third grade aka The Era of Unfortunate Hair, meeting Tai for the first time right after I punched Kyle in stomach for picking on said unfortunate hair.

I saw myself standing on my front porch last November after escaping the Selliwood Institute when Kyle asked me to the River Day dance.

Then I saw myself on our farm in Missouri having my first kiss on my thirteenth birthday. Once again, it was with Kyle.

Why was it that all my memories involved Kyle? I mean, I was a genetically enhanced superhero who defeated evil villains every time I turned around yet all I could think of was my first boyfriend while I was being choked to death by my second boyfriend.

For some reason, thinking about Kyle gave me a boost of energy. I really wanted to see him again one day even though he currently hated my guts because of, well, Marco. I focused that energy into my fingers and sent flames into both of Marco's ears. He released my neck and clutched the sides of his head.

I ran away and hid again while gasping for air and rubbing my sore neck.

"Uh, Priss, we got company," Tai said.

"What do you mean?" My voice was barely a whisper so she probably didn't hear me. Thankfully, she continued.

"It's Ian. He's coming this way and, uh, I don't think he likes us very much anymore."

"What's your point? He's never liked us!"

"Uh, my point is he looks about as deadly as Marco right now. And he's leading the others right to us!"

I shook my head in disbelief. There was no way I could defeat all of them by myself. How did I get into this? More importantly, how the heck was I gonna get out of it?

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Bring the Pain

Chapter One - Here We Go Again


I awoke tied to a table. My neck was killing me and I couldn't move any part of my body. "Holy Ham and Cheese! Not again," I said as I struggled against the restraints. The more I moved the more pain I felt seeping through every pore of my body. What the heck was going on? I had super human strength, why couldn't I lift my body off this stupid table. I looked down and found the reason. There was a glowing inhibitor collar around my neck. I was powerless and at the mercy of whoever it was that had captured me.

"Oh good. You're awake. I thought I had already killed you. That would be no fun at all," a sickening British accent said.

"Xi, is that you?"

"Of course it is," she said stepping into my limited line of sight.

So much for mercy. Specimen Xi was the most insane and disturbed genetically enhanced superhuman created in a laboratory ever. She probably stayed awake at night thinking up the most painful way to kill me. Looks like she might have figured it out.

"What do you want, Xi?"

"Well, that is a ridiculous question. What do you think I want?"

"You want me to die a painful death. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just do it already. I don't feel like having polite conversation."

"Tsk, tsk, Priscilla. Aren't we grumpy? Oh, that's right. You're having boyfriend trouble, aren't you?"

For a second I didn't know if she was talking about Marco or Kyle. Fortunately...or unfortunately she went on to clarify.

"You lie to Kyle for months, then kiss Marco right in front of him. Then you get Marco killed. And going back to Kyle has proven harder than you expected hasn't it? Now he's keeping secrets from you."

How did she know all of this?

"Shut up, Xi. I did not get Marco killed. If anything you did. He was trying to stop you and Colonel Selliwood. And about Kyle...just shut up about Kyle."

There was nothing I could say to refute her there. Unfortunately she was right about that part. I had to lie to Kyle for his own safety. I didn't want him to know that I was the daughter of a genetically enhanced superhuman and that evil villains were chasing my family all over the world. I underestimated Kyle and thought he would reject me if he knew I had super hearing, super strength and could shoot fire out of my fingers. Marco was another specimen around my age and I didn't mean to, but I fell for him. He was like me and I thought we belonged together. Maybe we did belong together. I would never know for sure because now he was dead.

Xi didn't respond at first. She took a mirror out of her purse and ran her fingers through her waist length black hair with hot pink highlights.

"Believe it or not, I'm a little jealous of you," she said, snapping the compact shut.

I was too shocked to actually respond with words. I kind of gave a confused grunt before she continued.

"You've had two boys completely mad about you. I've never had a boyfriend."

"Wha...huh?" Again, too shocked for words.

"I don't mind telling you all this because I'm about to kill you anyway. " She hopped up on the table right next to my feet and crossed her legs. "I haven't even had my first kiss yet. Boys just aren't interested in me."

"That's because you're a psycho." I probably shouldn't have said that, but I couldn't help myself. I mean it was true. And what did it matter what I said. She was about to kill me anyway.

Xi glared at me. Then she looked away and shrugged. "You're probably right. But it doesn't matter. Even if I kissed a boy I probably wouldn't be able to feel a thing."

Xi had no pain receptors. She was extremely hard to defeat in a fight because she never felt when I burned her. And even if I burned her, she could regenerate her body parts so she just re-grew her flesh. The last time I fought her, Marco and I cut off both her hands in order to get away. From the fresh coat of hot pink polish on her nails, I could see her hands had grown back nicely.

Xi looked sad. Suddenly I felt the need to play psychologist. "Look, what are you twelve years old? You still have plenty of time. I didn't have my first kiss until my thirteenth birthday."

"And how was it? Did you see stars or the like?" Xi turned toward me excitedly and tucked her hair behind her ears like a child at a slumber party. I expected her to whip out a hair brush and start singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

Yes, Xi was a psycho and yes she was currently trying to kill me, but I actually felt a little sorry for her. And thinking about my first kiss with Kyle brought up a whole bunch of warm fuzzy feelings. I couldn't help but talk about it.

"I saw stars. I felt explosions. Thousands of butterflies danced in my stomach. I still get that feeling even when I just look at him."

"Wow," she said as she stared up at the ceiling with a wistful look in her eyes. "What about Marco? What was it like to kiss Marco?"

I wondered how she even knew about that. She probably read my mind. Almost all the specimens had some sort of telepathy. My mother could move things with her mind and my brother, Josh, could see the future. My father was a normal human. And though my five-year-old twin baby brothers hadn't developed any powers yet they were far from normal. Let's just say they like to throw poop and blow their snot on unsuspecting targets.

"Marco only kissed me to protect me from Specimen Zero." That was partly true. Marco had the ability to convert his entire body to metal. Once in metal form he was pretty much invincible. He could stop a bullet at point blank range. Marco could also transfer his powers through an enzyme in his saliva. Thus the kiss.

Xi rolled her eyes. "You think I'm some sort of tosser? I saw the way he looked at you. He was totally smitten."

Once again, Xi was exactly right. He was...smitten with me, or whatever. We'd always had a special connection to each other. I felt it the first time I saw him when I helped him and the other specimens escape the Selliwood Institute where they were created.

I thought back to that kiss with Marco. While it started out as business, it ended with nothing but pleasure. It was amazing. Thinking about that kiss made me miss him even more. Three months ago, Marco, Josh, Ryan, Ian and I traveled to the Arctic Circle and captured Colonel Selliwood. In his metal form, Marco was too dense to swim. He ended up sinking to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.

"It doesn't matter. He's dead now." I turned my head away so she wouldn't see the tears glistening in my eyes.

"What if I told you he wasn't?"

I turned again and stared at her like we were in a poker game and she was claiming to have four aces. It was possible, but I didn't know whether to trust her or not.

"This conversation has gotten boring," she said finally ending our staring match. "Let's get this over with, shall we?" She hopped off the table and grabbed a syringe off of a nearby desk. She squeezed a little bit of white liquid out of the top of it. "Don't worry," she said, walking toward me slowly with a sinister grin. "Okay, you might want to worry. This is going to be extremely painful."

Xi's main goal in life was to cause other people pain since she couldn't feel pain herself. I knew whatever she had planned for me would be beyond anything I could ever imagine. I doubted if I would survive. My mind raced trying to figure out a way out of this. Nothing was coming to mind. Was this the end?

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone enter the room.

"Kyle? What are you doing here?"

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The Time Traveling Bullet

Chapter One - How Did I Get Here?


I hate hospitals. I guess it’s a trait I inherited from my dad. Once when my mother was under Colonel Selliwood’s control, she tried to kill my dad by stabbing him in the chest. He refused to go to the hospital even though he had a collapsed lung and was bleeding like crazy. That would explain why even though I was laying by the edge of a river with a bullet hole in my shoulder I knew I would not be going to the hospital. I hate hospitals.

It was just a bullet. I’d been shot before. I knew I could get over it without too much trouble. If I went to the hospital, they’d just start asking a whole bunch of impossible questions like what’s your name? Where do you live? And, oh yeah, who would shoot a thirteen year old girl and leave her for dead by a river?

The scariest part was that I didn’t know how to answer that last question. Normally, I would immediately say Colonel Selliwood. I know he wants me dead. Was he the one that shot me? I could have sworn he was in jail. Didn’t I put him there? Maybe it was Xi. She definitely wanted me dead and had tried several times. But if she had succeeded in shooting me, I doubt she would have left me alive. She would’ve finished the job. Maybe I got away somehow. I tried to think, but nothing was coming to me. Had I lost my memory?

“My name is Priscilla Sumner and I’m thirteen years old.” I said to the trees as I lay on my back. I started listing all the facts I could think of trying to convince myself I didn’t have amnesia. “My mother is Quindolyn Sumner, a genetically enhanced super human created in the Selliwood Institute. My father is Gregory Sumner, a regular human but a master marksman. My older brother Josh also has super powers and my younger twin brothers Charlie and Chester are super annoying.”

Okay, so I didn’t have amnesia, but why couldn’t I remember how I ended up lying next to a river with a bullet in my shoulder?

As I sat up in the grass, it felt like all the blood rushed out of my head. I thought I was gonna pass out. I had to close my eyes for a second in order to get control of myself. Just a quick glance at my clothes told me I had already lost a lot of blood. If I wasn’t careful, I could go into shock.

With my eyes still closed, I listened to the trickle of the river in front of me. That helped calm me down. I opened my eyes and applied some pressure to the bullet wound while looking around. My mind was pretty groggy so I wasn’t positive where I was, but I was pretty sure I recognized this river and these woods. I was in River’s Bend. I was home.

How I got here? Not so sure. But knowing I was only a few blocks away from my house gave me a burst of energy. Looking at the sky I knew the sun was about to set in an hour or so. It would be safer for me to wait until dark before I headed home. I didn’t want anyone to see me clutching my shoulder and bleeding down the street.

Bleeding or not, I needed to start using my training. I could practically hear my mother’s voice in my head telling me to survey my surroundings and secure the perimeter. What if the bad guys were still close by?

I focused my super hearing for a moment. I was definitely alone. The closest sound I heard was the click of the crosswalk sign at the corner of Main St. and Coming St.

As I stood up, blood from my shoulder dripped to the ground. That’s when I noticed something strange. There was no other blood. Anywhere. My clothes weren’t wet so I didn’t crawl out of the river so there should have been a trail of blood from my shoulder. But there wasn’t. It was like I had fallen straight out of the sky or something.

After making sure I was safe, I sat against a tree and used my uninjured right arm to gather a few sticks into a pile. I lit a flame with my forefinger and started a small fire to keep myself warm as the moon rose and the temperature fell.

I tried to stay positive. Things weren’t so bad. So what if I was shot and left for dead. So what if I couldn’t quite remember how I got there. At least I was alive. I had an uneasy feeling that someone I was close to wasn’t so lucky.

Two hours later, I struggled to my feet. It was now dark enough that I should be able to make it to my house without drawing too much attention to myself. I could follow the river all the way down to Teirney Street behind McMillian’s Pharmacy, then cut past Main Street through the town square gazebo and straight to my street.

The town looked different. Maybe it was because it was night. Or maybe it was because my vision was starting to blur because of all the blood loss but I could have sworn McMillan’s was now a Walmart and Willie’s Sweet Shop was now a Starbucks. That was quick. How long was I lying by that river?

I tried not to think about it too much. There was probably a good explanation. Maybe it was just temporary. They were probably shooting a movie or something. Yeah, I bet Kyle was in a movie and they were shooting a scene there. Yeah, that was it.

As I saw my house at the end of the street, all other thoughts melted away. All I wanted was my bed and my mommy.

I tried to open our door. It was locked. That was funny. Hardly anyone locked their doors in River’s Bend. My dad was the most paranoid person in the world and even he rarely locked the door. Oh well, I thought as I knocked on the door.

“I’ll get it,” an unfamiliar female voice said from inside. Seconds later the door flew open and I stared at a dark skinned girl about my age wearing my favorite wonder woman shirt and a pair of jeans. Something about the shape of her face and her piercing blue eyes seemed very familiar. I thought for a second. Nope, I had never seen her before. So I didn’t quite know what she was doing in my house or why she was wearing my clothes.

“That’s my shirt!” I said pointing at her.

“You’re crazy. This was my aunt’s shirt,” she said with a little too much attitude. I mean, she had some nerve breaking into my house and putting on my clothes.

“And what are you doing in my house?”

“Your house? Please. This is my house. I was born here.” She tossed her long curly black hair over her shoulder and crossed her arms.

“Priscilla, who’s at the door?” A voice from inside called.

“That’s what I’d like to know,” the girl and I said in unison. We stared at each other for a moment. It was obvious we were both confused. It was also obvious that we were both too stubborn to back down.

Finally, I said, “I’m Priscilla Sumner and this is my house.”

The girl laughed a little and rolled her eyes. “Now I know you’re crazy. I’m Priscilla Sumner.”








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